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Stronger Together – When Your Workplace Supports Your Life

I was surprised to see a new team this year with a team captain who had been the team captain of her family team in the past. When I called to ask if she was the same person, she explained that her company, Healthline has offered to create a company team that will combine forces with her family team. They are even making a donation for each employee who participates in the Unity Walk! It is a true example of a company living out their values. It made me think that there are probably other companies out there who would be willing to do something similar. Sometimes, all it takes is the willingness to ask the question.
Helaine Isaacs
PUW Event Director

In 2014, my older sister and I participated in Parkinson’s Unity Walk for the first time, joined by a few close friends and her charming dog, Chaplin. The experience was inspiring; for the first time since our father’s diagnosis in 2002, my sister and I spoke with other caregivers and left feeling filled with hope. The Unity Walk isn’t just about raising money and awareness — it’s about finding a community, lifting spirits, and offering support.

The Walk became a tradition for us from that moment. Since 2014, we’ve walked as team “Hot, Hot, Hot,” a name chosen in homage to one of our father’s favorite songs he played for us when we were kids. We’re continuing the tradition this year, but this time we’re welcoming a new family and team name: Healthline.

I started working for Healthline last May, and it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. A leading health information site, Healthline’s mission to is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being — a mission accomplished through the empathy offered in all of the site’s content. This empathy is at the core of the company, and it’s something Healthline extends to its employees, as well.

Knowing of my father’s illness, Healthline started a team this year for the Unity Walk, and my family and I are thrilled to join forces. I was moved to tears when I found out that the company will also be donating $50 to the Walk for every person that signs up for our Healthline team.

I’ve had work families before, but I’ve never felt more supported, appreciated, and optimistic for my father’s future as I do now. Healthline’s willingness to show support for those affected by PD (just as they do with many other health conditions) is proof that we’re all stronger together, capable of changing lives, and, at our core, filled with empathy.

Talia Aroshas
Team Captain, Healthline

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