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What’s Your Superpower?

We’re always interested in learning creative ways that our walkers are raising funds for Parkinson’s research and then look for opportunities to share that information with our walkers. A recent conversation prompted me to ask Doug Shapiro to share his experience on our blog.

Helaine Isaacs
PUW Event Director

I’m gearing up for my third year of walking and fundraising and have a question for you.

What is your superpower?

There’s something you love to do and at which you’re really good. With a little creative thinking, you can turn that calling into some powerful fundraising.

Suppose your superpower is making really delicious meals at a really low cost. How about for every $75 someone donates to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, you’ll make a lasagna and divide it into seven easily freezable sections? You certainly know people who don’t have the time to make food on their own and would probably not mind eating the same thing for dinner for a week.

Do people constantly compliment your speaking voice and love your sense of humor? For a $50 donation you could record their outgoing answering machine message or record a short story for their kids to listen to at night before bed.

Are you a master of yard work? For a $100 donation, you’ll start turning over their lawn from winter to spring.

In one of my side careers, I’m a career coach with Accelerated Artist. So last year I started “Coaching for the Cure.” For every $50 donation through my fundraising page, I offered an hour of career coaching. One client even bought ten sessions-worth! In fact, so many people took me up on the offer that I ended up doing 29 hours of coaching.

The results? A 33% increase in money raised towards Parkinson’s research and resources from my prior year!

On a side note, many of these people ended up becoming regular clients of mine. You may find that attaching a monetary value to what you love to do may blossom into a brilliant side career!

So, start organizing your friends’ closets, walk those dogs, fix those cars and paint those pet rocks. Bring in those donations by bringing what you love, your superpower, into the world.

Look forward to walking with you on the 28th of April!

Doug Shapiro
PUW walker


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