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The Hallmark of Team Impax’s Success: Fostering a Fun, Engaging Culture Focused on Helping People Living with Parkinson’s

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

It is the generous support of our sponsors that allows PUW to keep its commitment that 100% of all donations support Parkinson’s research. One of our sponsors, Impax has created a team and is involving their employees in the fundraising process. Engaging them in the Unity Walk is a great way for them to have a first hand experience of the community they support every day through their work. I attended their Kick-Off Rally and got to see what a great job they are doing!

Helaine Isaacs
PUW Event Director

The secret behind Team Impax’s fundraising success is simple…making it fun for employees, having the full support of our senior leaders and most important, always bringing it back to our focus on helping people living with Parkinson’s disease.  As a pharmaceutical company, our passion is to make a difference through the medicines we manufacture and distribute to patients.

We plan our fundraising activities about 8 weeks in advance of the Unity Walk with a SAVE the DATE announcement to our employees along with a call for volunteers to serve on our Event Committee. The Event Committee plans our Kick-Off Rally where we invite an individual living with Parkinson’s disease to tell their personal story. Always compelling and incredibly moving, it’s our speakers’ courage that inspires Team Impax to continue to raise awareness and funds.

Steve Sost (VP – Internal Communications and Team Impax Steering Committee member) makes a purchase at the 2017 Team Impax Bake & Snack Sale.

To encourage maximum attendance at the Rally, we serve lunch and offer door prizes as well as a table where employees can register for the walk. We also offer donation incentives based on the level of giving such as Team Impax t-shirts and jackets. Our Bake & Snack Sales are super popular and we intentionally do not put prices on anything we sell. We find that by leaving it up to our employees to decide the price, donations are far greater than how we would price any item. We also replicate good ideas and our Silent Auction has been very successful.  Items are generously donated by employees and our vendor partners. This year we are posting our auction online so that employees can bid across sites, including our field-based colleagues.

None of this would be possible without committed employees and the support and encouragement we receive from the Team Impax Steering Committee, comprised of several senior executives. They promote a positive company culture that encourages participation in community events that can have a profound impact on raising awareness for chronic and progressive diseases.

Team Impax

Michelle Foster, Human Resources Business Partner, gets ready to board the Team Impax bus en route to the 2016 Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Team Impax Got a Little Wet at the Unity Walk but It Was Worth It!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

The Parkinson’s Unity Walk is grateful to all of our sponsors who generously support the Walk. It is their sponsorship dollars that allow us to keep our commitment that 100% of every dollar raised by our walkers supports Parkinson’s research.

Impax is one of the corporate sponsors of the 2016 Unity Walk and they have taken their sponsorship model to new heights by creating a successful fundraising team that involved their employees, in addition to serving as the sponsor of the Team Photo booth at the Walk. Read about their “secret sauce” – all the ways they were proactive in encouraging their employees to get involved and providing fun incentives to make this happen. Their model is a testament to their corporate culture and their senior leadership teams’ commitment to this cause. We hope that other sponsors look to this as a model they may incorporate into their sponsorship of the Walk.

Helaine Isaacs
PUW Event Director

PUW-16-walk_GLO5346Team Impax
It may have rained in Central Park the day of the PUW, but that did not dampen the spirits of Team Impax. Impax is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is committed to making a difference in the communities where we live and work. Our senior leadership believes it is important to invest in responsible corporate citizenship and champion causes that align with business objectives.

Our company sponsored the PUW Team Photo Booth, one of the most popular attractions at the Walk.  Impax employees, family, and friends also did a phenomenal fundraising job, with 52 registered walkers raising a total of $12,508 for the cause! We did this a number of ways:

1. To launch our fundraising effort and get employees excited about participating, we hosted a kick off rally. With the help of the PUW staff, a Parkinson’s patient spoke to our employees about her diagnosis and what it is like to live with Parkinson’s disease. Our senior leadership also presented at the rally to reaffirm the company’s commitment. We also provided refreshments and prize drawings for attendees.

2.  An Event Committee of cross-functional team members was formed.  These committee members are volunteers who are passionate about doing for others and served as champions of the event throughout the organization.  Part of our “secret sauce” entailed:

o Having a team captain who is persistent and passionate about the cause and is senior enough in the organization to be able to work with the leadership team;

o Partnering with our Corporate Communications group to promote activities, provide regular fundraising updates, and engage employees;

o Forming an Executive Steering Committee to ensure we were complying with all corporate policies.  Their participation also served as an endorsement of the importance of the event;

o Setting a corporate financial goal is essential. It provides a valuable roadmap for knowing where you want to go and keeps everyone rowing in the same direction; and

o Having a CEO who supported our fundraising efforts by posing a challenge to employees that he would personally contribute $5,000 if we met our corporate goal and an additional $2,500 if we met our stretch goal. (The PUW is one of three Parkinson’s walks our Company is supporting so this challenge encompassed all three organizations).  So far, we have exceeded our corporate goal.

3. Establishing a budget to provide Team T-shirts and to offer fundraising incentives and drawings, including logo gear such as umbrellas for the event.

4.  Recognizing star fundraisers or those who have gone above and beyond in helping the cause.

5. Making the event day a family event – including offering roundtrip transportation and bringing team gear and snacks to the event.

6.  Sending out thank you letters to all of those that supported the event.

We are so proud of Team Impax.  Their efforts exemplify our core values and commitment to the communities where we live and work.

Robin Bartlett
Team Captain, Team Impax
Team Impax bus shot

Team Impax check presentation to PUW