2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Meg's Muppets


Hey there folks! it's that time again! Even though I am a retired GENTLEMAN now, spending this much time with Meg has taught me an incredible amount on how strong and couragous my gal actually is!  She is certainly a fighter!  We have been working with Physical and Occupational Therapists weekly to build up her strenght and energy. Those of you who follow us on Facebook know I try to get her out to various places and just have some fun! Still, the PROGRESSIVE and UNCURABLE tabs of Parkinson's have certainly made their presence known this year. NOT GOOD!

At any rate, I've sent my first (of many) donations to the Parkinson's Unity Walk in New York! Our family team 'Meg's Muppets' has hit the $5,000.00 mark for the past few years and we are wildly appreciative of our friends and family! The donations and positive vibes have been Incredible!  We hope you consider one more donation for 2022! We both would greatly appreciate it!

Love you all!


Bob & Meg Caroti

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