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2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Tremble Clefs Arizona

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Here is my story to share! 

I would like to share with you my personal beginnings with "Parkinson's". I was diagnosed about 6 years ago. Marsha, my wife of 36 years and I believed that I most likely had undiagnosed Parkinson's about 8 years before being diagnosed. One early sign of Parkinson's is loss of sense of smell. I had that but did not know the reason those many years ago.

At the time of diagnosis, I had been experiencing the following symptoms: I drooled. lost facial expressions, swallowing challenges, difficulty sleeping, and my voice became a very low monotone and difficult to understand.

My tremors began shortly before I was diagnosed. The tremors in my right hand were impacting my everyday life. I could not write, sign for my credit card, use a fork or spoon without spilling nor hold a glass with liquid. When going out to eat I tried to use my left hand and primarily eat finger food.

Last September 27th I had DBS, Deep Brain Stimulation. A device was implanted in my skull connecting to my nerve muscles that controls my tremors. A battery pack was implanted in my chest which activates the device. I am about 95% back to the old me. I can now eat with a fork and spoon, drink from a glass without spilling and sign my own credit card slips. With the help from Tremble Clefs I've greatly improved my speech.

I want you to know that the miracle of technology has given me back my quality of life. I am passionate about the Parkinson's 2022 Unity Walk because 100% of the donations are used for research. In 27 years they have raised more than $28 million to advance treatments and work towards a cure. It also brings awareness to this horrible disease. I will be traveling to New York in April to participate in this walk in Central Park.

Please consider helping me raise needed funds by donating. Nothing is too small! I am sending this to everyone I know. My Goal is to raise $10,000. 

Thank you!

Captain of Team Tremble Clefs Arizona 

Fred Cohn 

Tremble Clefs is a therapuetic singing group for people with Parkinson's disease to improve voice and enhance the quality of life.  

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