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2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Team Move It Move It

'Team Move It Move It' is BACK after an -unnecessarily long- hiatus :)

**Saturday, April 23, 2022** in Central Park NYC we will take part in our FIFTH ANNUAL Parkinson's Unity Walk raising awareness and research funds for all of those who struggle with the debilitating terrible disease of Parkinson's, but especially supporting my mother, Debbie Caesar, and her current 18 year battle with this illness.

For those who know Debbie, you know that she is one of the warmest, kindest, contagiously positive women you will ever meet. She constantly puts others before herself, while struggling to move her body or speak clearly and loudly every minute of every day. She masks the pain she is constantly in with focusing on others, always putting others needs before her own.

We started 'Team Move It Move It' in 2014, coining the term "Dancin' for Deb" as a way to honor her positive outlook on her situation, always focusing on what she CAN do, rather than what she CAN'T do. My mom is so unbelievably admired and loved by her husband, children, family, and friends as she has never let this disease take away from the amazing person she has always been.

This is the one day of the year that we work to raise awareness, but more importantly raise funds for all of the amazing research that has helped to provide the medicine and treatments to improve the daily life of Parkinson's victims everywhere.

***We ask that you click: Join The Team and please consider donating to the cause. No amount is too small and every single dollar helps towards these advancements.***

Also, please join us in Central Park on April 23rd as we walk behind Deb for a mile lap in Central Park cheering her on in as a mile walk may be easy for many of us, but an incredible accomplishment for a Parkinson's victim.


Love you all!!!

The Caesar Family 

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