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2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Brooklyn Parkinson Group and Friends



Hello, friends and family!

As Team Captain of Team Brooklyn Parkinson Group and Friends, I am participating in honor of my husband, Joe and in memory of Leonore E. Gordon founder of the group.  This year's Parkinson's Unity Walk is virtual, with many educational and community-based activities leading up to Walk Day on Saturday April 24th.  

In 2019, Brooklyn Parkinson Group & Friends had 47 team members that raised $28,065 from 254 donors! This number of team members and donors is amazing.  Not only has our team been able to get the word out about the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, we have also broadened the awareness of Parkinson's Disease. To all who made that happen, thank you again for your extraordinary efforts and generosity! 

The group will continue to remember our fierce leader, Leonore E. Gordon who started this group and walked every year from 2003 – 2018.  She raised over a quarter of a million dollars for Parkinson’s research and in 2019 was awarded, “The Margot Zobel Certificate of Gratitude,” for her outstanding efforts.  Together with the help of her extraordinary team, let us continue the legacy Leonore started by encouraging friends and family to become members and support the Brooklyn Parkinson Group & Friends.

Join our team by clicking on the “Join This Team” button. If you raise money from even a few members of your circles of friends and family, you’ll get your fundraising page, and your total will be added to our team total. 

Whether or not you can walk this April, please, donate to our team by clicking on “Donate To This Team.” This walk brings together people from all over the US and beyond, and 100% of the funds collected go directly towards Parkinson's research. Donate what you can to our Parkinson's Unity Walk Team, as it's more urgent than ever before, given threats to our Safety Net. Give for your loved ones, or to honor our wonderful community of families living with PD, help our team to raise awareness and funding for Parkinson's disease research.   Be sure "Brooklyn Parkinson Group & Friends" is chosen when you make your donation!

Thank you,

Susan Lerner  


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