2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Margie's Movement


Join/support Margie's Movements efforts!

Margie's Movement is participating in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk to help raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease research. A decision was made to reclaim this team's original name (from Ping Pong Parkinsons Pleasantville 4P).  Don't ask - it's complicated!  We're still a fan of Ping pong and Ping Pong Parkinson (3P) and I support the organization and appreciate all the ways it has helped me and many other People with Parkinsons (PwP's).  Please see my Personal Page which has updates on this past year with links to video clips (it's much more interesting to read than this page!) and more.

We have formed this team because more than one million people in the U.S. are living with Parkinson’s disease. The cause is unknown and while treatment options help to manage symptoms, currently there is no cure. Every walker and donor will bring the Parkinson's community one step closer to finding the cause of and cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Please join Margie's Movement and walk with us on April 23rd in Central Park in NYC and/or make a donation.  It can be $20 or $200 - any amount is appreciated and100% of donations go to research. Looking forward to making it a memorable experience! 

With gratitude and appreciation,





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