2022 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Team Dopamine

BREAKING NEWS: Julia named third co-captain of Team Dopamine.

This is Team Dopamine team captain Number 1.

I've donated to the Unity Walk for many years. I thought that for my 70th birthday, it would be good to get others to donate, too. My grandmother, Anna Miller Kaplan of New Rochelle, NY, had Parkinson's, spending her days in the rocking chair represented in our logo. She died in 1969, before dopamine-replacement medication was available. That's why we're Team Dopamine, which No. 2 team captain suggested was better than The Dopamines.


To the many fans of Team Dopamine, I'm pleased to say that while the captains will not be going to Central Park on April 23, the day of the walk, our team member named Lisa will make the journey from Lower Manhattan to be our ambassador. Please contact me if you are going and would like to meet her.


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