Tuchman Foundation Resource Library

The Benefits of Telehealth Today

An overview of the benefits of telehealth with PD patients today by Dr. Jill Farmer

How to Have a Successful Telehealth Visit

How to use your devices to login and have an optimal visit

Managing Day-to-Day Stress and Resilience in Parkinson's Disease with Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer

A discussion of the latest survey results with Dr. Wertheimer, hosted by Carol Walton.

NexStride Mobility Device - Helping Overcome Freezing of Gait

De Oro Devices presents NexStride - the first multi-cue mobility device

Q&A with Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer

Ask the Experts Q&A session with Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer

Q&A with Dr. Ritesh Ramdhani

Ask the Experts Q&A session with Dr. Ritesh Ramdhani

Mimicking Sports for Parkinson's

Presented by the EPDA, this video will work on mimicking a featured sport, associating selected sports to a day of the week, identifying and performing the sport for each respective day.


Expand your speech and movement abilities with LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD.

Dance for PD - Walking Demo

Participate in a walking demo class with Dance for PD's David Leventhal

Dance for PD Demo Class

Perform with Dance for PD in a 28 minute dance class

Keep it On: Daily Life Moves, Dance Like Exercise

Dance to enhance motor planning, focused attention, memory, and dual task capacity hosted by Josefa Domingos sponsored by the EPDA and Bial productions

The Tremble Clefs share the "The Star-Spangled Banner"

A song by The Tremble Clefs of Arizona led by director Sun Joo Lee

The Tremble Clefs share the "Parkinson's song" by Beth Lee

A song written by Beth Lee and sung by several Tremble Clef choir chapters

The Benefits of Boxing and Boxing Combinations with Coach Dave and Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing and Dr. Leder share the benefits of boxing, a clip from a pre-pandemic boxing class, and boxing combinations with Coach Dave.

Keep It On: Transition With the Pillow

Presented by Josefa Domingos and the EPDA, this video invites you to practice transitional movements to enhance your mobility and confidence.

Patient Stories

Experience the OFFs and ONs of patients taking KYNMOBI