Parkinson's CHAMP

Team: Papa’s Rockin’ NJ Walkers
Location: New Jersey
Walking since: 2007
Money raised: $476,046

Why We Walk:
The Team was put together in support of my dad - Saul Stein while he was dealing with Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, I lost my dad in 2009 so we keep walking in his memory. My dad was my Best Friend. We knew the money raised would never help him but we wanted to help others so they never would have to deal with such a horrible disease. We bring a Team usually of 25+ each year to walk, have fun, and help raise awareness. I and the Team will continue to walk until we can find a cure.

Fun Facts About Us:
We wear a different color shirt each year to stand out. I have one from each year.

My older son designed the first Logo on the T-Shirts and my youngest the current.

My younger son helped organize a Putt for Parkinson’s event to help raise money locally.

My Dad was a WWII Veteran. He stormed Normandy Beach along with his Platoon on the 2nd Day of the Invasion.

Team members travel to walk from as far as California, Texas, Virginia & Pennsylvania.

One of our original team members found us, he was from California, a young Parkinson’s patient himself and a musician. He was drawn to our team because of our logo.

May May Ali interviewed our Team. She asked my youngest son “What have you learned being a part of the walk?” He responded, “I look just like my Papa.”

I have developed lasting relationships with the Unity Walk Organizers.

Keys to Success:
First, we are able to rally people around the cause, what it stands for, and how we can help so many people. We get people excited about being a part of a Team that is all about raising money to find a cure for Parkinson’s. We also get to share our story, but along the way have heard other stories who are a part of the team or donate each year. It truly has touched many people. It is about fundraising and talking about Parkinson’s all year round. People need to be educated on what it is, they get inspired and want to help. Another thing I have done since we started is keep spreadsheets of everyone who has donated, that is Family, Friends & Colleagues. It allows me to stay organized, continue to drive the donations, and see from year to year how many new donors we have added. Lastly it is the passion, I want to help find a cure, people know and respect how much effort is put in each year. I do not want others to suffer the way my dad did.

What We Love About the Unity Walk:
It is the gathering in Central Park. The energy around the cause. Everyone knowing that we are inching closer each and every year to find that cure. It is being around others who are passionate about this just like me, my wife, my family, and friends. It is being a part of a Team that has fun, comes together for a great cause, and helps to spread the message about why we need to fight and fight hard for more Research for Parkinson’s.

Team Leaders:
Ted Stein & Family

Written by Team Captain Ted Stein, 9.21.21


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