Walker Resources

You have committed to raising funds for research that is dedicated to finding the cause and cure for Parkinson’s disease and advancing therapies that improve the quality of life for people living with this disease. Whether you are walking in honor or memory of someone you love who has Parkinson’s disease, or you have Parkinson’s disease yourself, get started with your fundraising and make every step count.

Walker Fundraising Guide

The 2020 Walker Fundraising Guide has all the tools you will need to successfully raise funds for Parkinson’s research.


Walker Checklist

Use the Walker checklist to move closer to your fundraising goal – one step at a time.

Your Participant Center Highlights Handbook

  • Set a fundraising goal.
  • Tell your story! Add a photo and explain your connection to the Walk.
  • Set an example. Make your own donation.
  • Share your story on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email your family and friends.
  • Install the Unity Walk app for Facebook and the mobile app.
  • Add the Unity Walk email signature to your emails.
  • View reports to track your individual and/or team donations.
  • Send out a personal thank you and stay in touch with your donors.

Go Social and Download Our Apps

Throughout your fundraising, use social media and download our Apps.  Available to registered participants are the -- Unity Walk mobile App, Parkinson’s Unity Walk Facebook App and the Walk’s email badge. 

All of our apps and the email badge link directly to your participant page.  These tools will make it easier for you to share and reach out to your friends and family for donations and support.


Fundraising badges

  Earn fundraising badges once you’ve reached a new milestone. They will proudly be displayed on your personal donation pages.

Individual Fundraising Badges:

Lead the way and demonstrate your commitment by making a donation to your fundraising efforts! Show your potential donors how important this cause is to you and earn a badge showing you’ve taken the first step.

Walker Goal Setting Form

Walker Fundraising - Goal Setting Form. Creating a fundraising goal keeps you focused and moving forward. So go ahead and create the goal that is right for you.