10th Parkinson's Unity Walk Comments from Participants

This Walk really changed my life. To be around 10 or 15 people that are trying to help you cure a disease is one thing-but over 7000 and Michael J himself totally changed my life.

Paul Ayers

Hey, great job on the Unity Walk! I had a fantastic time. The highlight for me was that I got to personally meet Michael J. Fox! That was a first for me. I have wanted to meet him ever since I was diagnosed. (2001) You can't even imagine what it meant to me when he gave me 3 hugs and posed for pictures with me. I started crying as I was hugging him and he found that amazing. I said to him, "You do not even know what your visit here means to me!"

Terry Baum (TEAM YOPA)

Trina, well, one thing I learned from Saturday's walk is that having 21 people on a team doesn't mean they will be all together for an official photograph at one time! I'm sorry that we missed each other, but I'm sure you were very busy with the LARGE turnout. Our trip was uneventful this time, and we were impressed with the whole endeavor.

Tom Gorman (TEAM GORMAN)

Congrats on an event "well-done." I think the walk was a great success! Thank you.


Thank you, it was fantastic. My mother and brother and I were first timers and she had a great time listening to the speakers and actually doing the walk. Congratulations!

Kurt Rodeghiero

Congratulations on another very successful event! This was the first walk that my team and I participated in and saying that we were amazed at the size of the walk would be a gross understatement. We are already looking forward to participating in the 2005 PUW!

Karen Breault (TEAM CZERLONKA)

Every time I go to the walk, I feel like my Dad is with me and I just had to thank Michael for all he's done. If you need volunteers for anything, let me know.

Mary Flanigan

I really enjoyed the event and walk last Saturday. And the weather was great that day. Thank you for your hard work to make it happen. You all did a great job!

Crystie Wei

It was really a terrific event I have to say ...MJF was a nice surprise.

Susan Turci

It was a FANTASTIC day!

Carol Thorstenson

The Walk was a tremendous success again this year, and the beautiful weather helped provide a great turnout.

Alan Klavans (TEAM KLAVANS)

The organization and implementation of today's walk in Central Park was wonderful and beyond rational expectation. My thanks to:
* Volunteers
* Sponsors
* Those I've forgotten.