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News in the Parkinson's Disease Community

Axovant Announced Administration of AXO-Lenti-PD, A Novel Gene Therapy for Patient’s with Parkinson’s Disease, to First Patient in Clinical Study

NYC Area: Free LSVT-LOUD Educational Seminar on November 30

NYC Area: Free LSVT-LOUD Educational Seminar on December 1

Life with Parkinson’s, Essential Tremor or Dystonia?

Method Developed to Test New Parkinson's Therapies

New Hope for Parkinson’s Disease Cure as Treatment Enters Human Trials

Princeton Ballet School Introduces New Dance Class for People with Parkinson's Disease

Johns Hopkins Startup Neuraly Plans Phase 1 Parkinson’s Trial

UA Clinical Trial to Repurpose Ketamine for Parkinson's Patients

Computer Model to Select Parkinson’s Patients Who Benefit Most from Deep Brain Stimulation

Experimental Drug Stops Parkinson's Disease Progression in Mice

Parkinson's Disease May Soon Be Treated with Blood Pressure Drug

FDA Grants RMAT Designation for VY-AADC for Parkinson's Disease

A Clinical Trial of Nilotnib in People Living with Parkinson’s Disease

The Apple Watch Will Monitor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

Deep Brain Stimulation Device That Can Self-Tune Shows Promise in Small Parkinson’s Study

Phase 1 Trial Finds Potential Parkinson’s Vaccine, Affitope PD01A, to be Safe and Possibly Effective

Scientists Just Found an Unexpected Link Between Tuberculosis and Parkinson's Disease

FDA Continues Crack Down on Unapproved Stem Cell Clinics

Researchers Find That Lipid Accumulation in the Brain may be an Early Sign of Parkinson's Disease

Experts Weigh the Benefits of New Parkinson’s Drugs

Targeting New Compound Slows Parkinson’s Disease in Rats

Two Markers of Parkinson’s Progression May Help Trials in Newly Diagnosed Patients

Educational Program on Medical Marijuana and Other Emerging Therapies in the Treatment of PD

Biomarkers Identified That Could Help Predict Individuals at Risk for Parkinson’s Disease

New Parkinson’s Collaboration Is Exactly What’s Needed, Editorial Says

NYU Langone Parkinson’s Program

Act Now: Urge Congress to Fund a National Parkinson’s Database

NIH Scientists Adapt New Brain Disease Test for Parkinson’s, Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Breakthrough Refinement of the Parkinson's Disease Exercise Prescription

Brainstem Changes Identified in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Protein Aggregates Seen in Action Destroying Neurons in Brain

Study Shows That Parkinson's Disease Progression Can Be Slowed with Vigorous Exercise

Acadia Launches Parkinson’s Campaign to Shine Light on Psychosis Symptoms

Low-Frequency Deep Brain Stimulation Found to Improve Cognition in Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Ultrasound Could Offer Noninvasive Treatment for Parkinson’s and Depression

Scientists Reveal Breakthrough in Brain Cell Repair Around Parkinson’s Disease

Veterans’ Coverage of Agent Orange-Related Diseases Delayed

OHSU Study Validates Deep Brain Surgery While Asleep for Parkinson's Patients

Insightec Gets FDA Blessing for Study of Exablate Neuro to Treat Parkinson’s Involuntary Movements

New UMass Lowell Study to Explore Link Between Gut Bacteria and Parkinson's Disease

Deep Sleep Linked to Cognitive Performance in People Living with Parkinson's

First Patient Treated with Titan Pharmaceuticals' Subdermal Implant for Parkinson's Disease

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