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The Parkinson's Unity Walk mourns the loss of Lupe McCann

Lupe McCann, a former Board Member of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, passed away on August 4, 2017.

Lupe was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease when she was 45 and devoted her heart and soul, and tireless hours of work, to make the Parkinson’s Unity Walk what it is today, she was also a huge advocate for Parkinson’s disease.

At one of the first Walks, Lupe said she wanted to bring her doctor to the Walk to answer questions to anyone at the Walk that wished to speak with him. This was the beginning of the ‘Ask the Healthcare Experts’ booth, which is now one of the most popular stops on ‘Margot Zobel Way’ at the Walk each year. Each year, at the Walk, some of the country’s top Neurologists, Movement Disorder Specialists, Physical Therapists, and other renowned people in this industry donate their time to answer any question that a Walk participant may have. This allows so many people to have questions answered by doctors they may not have the opportunity to meet with otherwise, get second and third opinions, in addition to obtaining a wealth of information.

We thank Lupe for introducing the ‘Ask the Healthcare Experts’ booth and all of the contributions she made, as well as her dedicated support within the Parkinson’s Unity Walk family.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to:


"I remember seeing Lupe for the first time at the Parkinson's Action Network forum. She didn't sound or look like she had Parkinson's. She didn't look to me like she belonged in our group. I wondered who was this vivacious and distinguished woman and why was she spending time with an unsophisticated grass roots group. But, from the very beginning she struck me as a class act. And I soon learned that she was approachable and friendly and a born leader.

Lupe had such high expectations for all of us. I knew if I saw her she would let me know how I could be doing something more or how to correct a problem we were having whether it was in Washington or Central Park. There are certain people who get you to realize you should have the highest standards and that was the way I felt about Lupe."

Ken Aidekman, Co-founder and Past Chair, Parkinson's Unity Walk