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Submit Your Favorite Walk Moments from the 2019 Parkinson's Unity Walk

(April 22, 2019)—For the sixth year in a row, we are encouraging all participants who are attending the 25th Parkinson's Unity Walk, to submit photos of Your Favorite Walk Moments!

Submitting your photos is easy! Tag your photos with #puw2019 @unitywalk on Twitter and Instagram. You can also email a few photos to All photos submitted by the end of the day of the Unity Walk will be considered for inclusion in this year’s video. 

When you submit your photos, your favorite moments may be chosen for this year's video slideshow! The Privacy Settings for your posted photos must be set to public, for it to be considered by the Parkinson's Unity Walk. By sending us your photos and using our promoted event hashtag, you give us permission to use your content as a submission as outlined on our website’s terms and conditions. 

Below are links to Favorite Walk Moments from previous years and here is the link to the playlist on our YouTube channel.

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