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PUW Launches Parkinson's CHAMP and CHAMP in Action Campaign

(January 2, 2013)  Participating with the Parkinson’s Unity Walk is a great way of taking action.  Whether you are walking on behalf of a family member, to support a friend, to remember a loved one, or because you have Parkinson’s disease yourself, raising funds for research is a full proof way to stay active and join in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

On our website, we will be featuring those who are staying very active in the fight as a Parkinson’s CHAMP. Parkinson’s CHAMP is an online collection of monthly stories that captures how registered walkers and teams are excelling to help the Walk raise awareness and funds for research.  CHAMP stands for Coming Together to Help Raise Awareness and Make a Difference in Parkinson’s Disease.  Featured stories will be chosen by the Parkinson’s Unity Walk Staff.  To be considered as a Parkinson’s CHAMP, please click here to tell us your story.    

If you are planning a fundraiser, you can be featured in our website under CHAMP in Action.  Every dollar from every fundraiser, counts as a donation towards research.  Share your experience about your fundraiser by submitting the CHAMP in Action - Form.  By sharing your story about your event, you will be helping to inspire others to realize that they too can create a fundraiser of their own.  

View current Parkinson’s CHAMPs
Click here to read about the latest Parkinson’s CHAMP and CHAMP in Action.

Teams who are already signed up
Click here to see the list of teams who are already on board for Walk Day.

Individuals who are already signed up
Click here to see the list of fundraisers who are already raising funds for research.

More about joining the Parkinson’s Unity Walk
The Parkinson’s Unity Walk is about much more than the 1.4 mile Walk route.  It is held one day in New York City’s Central Park but participants work to raise funds all year round for research.  

When you join the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, you will know you are not alone in this fight, as you will experience the support of the Parkinson’s community.  You’ll be one of the hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals who have chosen to participate and support someone they care about.  You’ll also be encouraged as you begin to ask your friends and your networks to support you by joining and giving money towards Parkinson’s disease research.  On Walk Day, you’ll be walking amongst other families who are making a difference.  Those who choose to start taking action are always amazed how in the fundraising process, they meet someone who knows someone who has Parkinson’s.  

Taking action to support a family member or friend is the best motivation to get active and raise funds.  We need your help to secure much needed funds for research that will improve the quality of life for those living with PD and ultimately, lead us to the cause and cure for this disease.  Your family member or friend and the Walk are relying on your support.  

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