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  10/12/2017 Scientists Identify the Structure of a Key Enzyme that Protects the Brain Against PD
  10/05/2017 Researchers Develop New Tool to Diagnose First Signs of Parkinson's Disease
  10/03/2017 MSU Researcher Hopes to Link Sense of Smell with Development of PD
  09/13/2017 Asthma Medication May Reduce the Risk of Developing Parkinson’s Disease
  08/18/2017 Telemedicine as Effective as In-person Care for Parkinson's Disease
  08/15/2017 Global Kinetics Corp Secures First US Patent for its Digital Health System
  08/09/2017 PD Movement Lab’s “PD Outliers” Podcast with John Ball
  08/09/2017 LSVT Global Offers Free Educational Seminar for People with Parkinson’s Disease
  08/07/2017 Diabetes Drug Shows Promise Against Parkinson’s Disease
  07/28/2017 The Michael J. Fox Foundation Announces Award to Drive Phase IIa Clinical Trial Investigating Potential Safety and Benefit of Nilotinib in PD
  07/27/2017 Forbes Includes Acadia, Maker of Nuplazid on List of Most Innovative Growth Companies
  07/24/2017 Mitsubishi Buys Israel's NeuroDerm for $1.1B
  07/12/2017 Participants Invited to Take Survey on Vision and Parkinson’s Disease
  07/11/2017 US WorldMeds is Now Distributing XADAGO® (Safinamide) in the U.S. for PD Patients
  07/07/2017 Drug Discovery: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Spurred by Same Enzyme
  07/07/2017 Global Kinetics Launching Large Randomized Study of Wearable for Parkinson’s Disease
  07/07/2017 Study Suggests CLR01 May Improve Symptoms of Early Parkinson’s
  07/07/2017 Acorda Submits New Drug Application to U.S. Food and Drug Administration for CVT-301
  06/26/2017 Statins May Speed Symptoms of Onset Parkinson's Disease in Some People
  06/22/2017 Autoimmunity May Have Role in Parkinson's Disease
  06/19/2017 Balance and Movement Improved in Animal Model of Parkinson’s Disease
  06/08/2017 Low-fat Dairy Intake May Raise Parkinson's Risk
  06/08/2017 Adamas Presents Expanded Analysis from the ADS-5102 Open-Label Study
  06/08/2017 NeuroDerm Presents Six Posters at the 21st International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders
  06/06/2017 Tom Isaacs, President of The Cure Parkinson's Trust Has Died
  05/22/2017 Acorda Therapeutics to Present Update on Phase 3 Study of CVT-301 in Parkinson’s Patients
  05/19/2017 Biomarkers for Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease Revealed
  05/15/2017 Survey Examines Social Support in Parkinson’s Disease from the Patient’s Perspective
  05/15/2017 New App Adjusts Brain Stimulators For Parkinson’s Patients
  05/15/2017 UCB Adds Website for its Facebook-based Parkinson's Community
  05/15/2017 Microsoft's 'Project Emma' is a Wearable for People Living with PD
  05/01/2017 Acorda Expands Alexa Skill Offering for Parkinson’s Awareness Month
  04/20/2017 NeuroDerm to Ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell and Participate in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk
  04/20/2017 Medtronic Brain Therapies Sponsors Parkinson’s Unity Walk
  03/29/2017 Acorda Announces Long-Term Safety Data for CVT-301
  03/22/2017 FDA Approves Xadago to Treat Parkinson’s Disease
  03/15/2017 Cancer Drug That Might Slow Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Headed for Bigger Tests
  03/03/2017 Study Shows Link Between Microbiome in the Gut and Parkinson's Disease
  03/01/2017 Researchers Suggest New Theory for How Parkinson's Disease Develops
  02/20/2017 Researchers Discover Genetic Switch for Parkinson’s Disease
  02/15/2017 US WorldMeds is Funding Clinical Trial Studying Effectiveness of New Infusion Therapy to Help Smooth Out Movement for Patients with PD
  02/09/2017 Acorda Announces Positive Phase 3 Clinical Trial Results for CVT-301
  02/09/2017 Blood Test Might Make Parkinson's Diagnosis Easier
  02/01/2017 Tell Congress How You May Be Impacted by Health Care Policy Changes
  01/31/2017 LSVT BIG Seminar on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in West Orange, NJ
  01/26/2017 The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center Awarded $1.9 Million from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  01/12/2017 CurePSP 2017 Southwest Family Conference to be Held in Phoenix on March 17-18, 2017
  01/06/2017 Adamas Announces US FDA Acceptance of ADS-5102 New Drug Application for the Treatment of Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Patients with PD
  01/03/2017 Single Protein May Hold Secret to Treating Parkinson’s Disease
  12/28/2016 Adjunctive Safinamide Increases On Time in Parkinson's Disease
  12/28/2016 Blocking Brain Enzyme Corrects Motor Symptoms in Mice
  12/13/2016 The 21st Century Cures Act is Signed into Law
  12/06/2016 Fat-coated Microbubbles May Aid Parkinson’s Treatment by Getting Past Blood Brain Barrier
  12/02/2016 Parkinson’s Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria
  12/02/2016 Upright Posture in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Exacerbates Cognitive Defecits
  11/07/2016 Janet Reno, Former Attorney General, Dies at 78 from Complications of PD
  11/02/2016 Michigan State University and Van Andel Research Institute Collaborate on Research to Slow the Progression of PD
  11/01/2016 Statin Use May Lead to Increased Risk for Parkinson’s Disease
  11/01/2016 Parkinson's Disease Foundation Seeks Proposals for $2.7 Million in Parkinson’s Research Funding
  11/01/2016 More Research Needed for Using Skin Biopsies to Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease
  10/31/2016 New Drug Candidate May Reduce Deficits in Parkinson’s Disease
  10/31/2016 Adamas Pharma Announces Submission of ADS-5102 NDA to US FDA as Dyskinesia Treatment in PD Patients
  10/21/2016 GLNT and UCB Partner to Create Ways to Better Judge Effectiveness of Parkinson’s Treatment
  10/20/2016 Acorda Launches “The Many Faces of Off” Facebook Page to Support the Parkinson’s Community
  10/19/2016 Survey Examines Patient Perceptions of Cognitive Changes in Parkinson’s Disease
  10/19/2016 Acorda’s CVT-301 for Parkinson’s ‘Off’ Periods Shows Promising Results in Preclinical Studies
  10/17/2016 New Device Helps Boost Movement in Parkinson's Patients
  10/06/2016 Experimental Immunotherapy May Slow Parkinson’s Disease Progression
  09/26/2016 Nest Planning Board: Coordinating Center to Prioritize Cooperative Projects
  09/26/2016 Global Kinetics Secures FDA Clearance to Market Upgraded Wearable for PD Patients
  09/07/2016 Diabetes Drug Focus of New Clinical Trial for Parkinson's Disease
  08/31/2016 Cynapsus Therapeutics Parkinson’s Disease Candidate Gets FDA Fast Track Designation
  08/29/2016 New Test May Help Detect Parkinson’s Disease in Early Stages of Life
  08/25/2016 Simple Eye Test May Detect Parkinson’s Disease
  08/25/2016 Manufacturing Dopamine in the Brain with Gene Therapy
  08/25/2016 NeuroDerm Initiates Patient Enrollment in a Phase III Trial of ND0612L for the Treatment of PD
  08/17/2016 Researchers Examine How Parkinson’s Disease Alters Brain Activity Over Time
  08/17/2016 Leukemia Drug Proven Effective Against Parkinson’s Disease
  08/16/2016 Cynapsus Announces Publication of Data for the Treatment of OFF Episodes in Patients with PD
  08/10/2016 Parkinson’s: Mutant Enzyme, a-Synuclein Interaction May Be Preventable
  08/02/2016 National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) and the Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) Complete Merger to Form the Parkinson's Foundation
  07/25/2016 The Michael J. Fox Foundation Expands Fox Trial Finder to Accelerate Research in Atypical Parkinsonism
  07/22/2016 Study Shows Cancer Drug Raises Dopamine Levels in Parkinson’s Patients
  07/08/2016 Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Found in Patient Urine Samples
  07/05/2016 Johns Hopkins Researchers Reveal Novel Protein and Involvement in Parkinson’s Disease
  06/27/2016 Scientists Offer New View on Origins of Parkinson's Disease
  06/24/2016 NeuroDerm Presents Three Posters at the 20th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders
  06/16/2016 MS Drug Could Prove Effective Parkinson's Treatment
  06/16/2016 UCLA Scientists Discover Protective Strategy Against Pesticide-linked Parkinson’s Disease
  06/15/2016 New Gene Shown to Cause Parkinson's Disease
  06/15/2016 Great Lakes Neurotech Validation Studies on Wearable Tech for Parkinson’s to be Highlighted at International Conference
  05/16/2016 NeuroDerm Announces Patient Enrollment in Long-Term Safety Trial of ND0612 for PD
  05/16/2016 Senior Helpers Introduces First Ever In-Home Parkinson's Disease Care Program
  05/02/2016 U.S. Approves First drug for Psychosis Linked to Parkinson's Disease
  04/29/2016 Adamas Pharma (ADMS) Announces ADS-5102 Phase 3 Met Primary, Key Secondary Endpoints as LID Treatment
  04/26/2016 Common Gene Variation May Predict Parkinson’s Severity and Progression
  04/26/2016 Blood Test to Detect Parkinson's Disease Could Lead to Earlier Treatment
  04/12/2016 New England and Canada Parkinson’s Cruise
  04/10/2016 Cynapsus Therapeutics’ APL-130277 Phase III Study Focus of Presentation
  04/08/2016 Acorda Therapeutics’ CVT-301 Data Will Be Featured at American Academy of Neurology
  04/07/2016 Pfizer and IBM Launch Innovative Research Project to Transform Parkinson's Disease Care
  03/24/2016 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Parkinson’s Action Network Announce Plans for Integration
  03/24/2016 The Parkinson Alliance (Responsible for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, Team Parkinson, and Joins Unified Parkinson’s Advocacy Council
  03/23/2016 Survey Examines Patient Perceptions of Nutrition and Diet in Managing the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  03/18/2016 U.S. WorldMeds and Zambon Partner to Bring Newron Pharmaceuticals’ Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Xadago to the U.S.
  03/07/2016 Titan Pharmaceuticals Receives Feedback from FDA on Ropinirole Implant Development Program for PD
  03/07/2016 Parkinson’s Disease Drug Xadago Now Available in Italy as Add-On Therapy to Levodopa
  03/02/2016 The 22nd Parkinson’s Unity Walk to Take Place on Saturday, April 23rd in New York City’s Central Park
  02/25/2016 Neurolixis Announces Publications Demonstrating Effects of NLX-112 in Parkinson's Disease Models
  02/25/2016 Respiratory Drug Focus of New Clinical Trial for Parkinson’s Disease
  02/25/2016 New Gene Therapy Clinical Trial
  02/19/2016 Researchers Identify Biomarker for Early Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's Disease Patients
  02/19/2016 Mitochondrial DNA Levels in the Blood Help to Detect Onset of Parkinson’s Disease
  02/15/2016 Winner of Register Early Incentive Announced
  02/09/2016 Rock Steady Boxing is the Recipient of the 2016 Alan Bonander Humanitarian Award
  02/04/2016 Study Determines Saliva Gland Test Can Spot Early Parkinson's Disease
  02/04/2016 APDA Establishes Research Fund in Memory of Joel Gerstel
  01/20/2016 Register Early for a Chance to Win a Visa Gift Card
  01/19/2016 Dementia Drug May Improve Gait in Parkinson's Patients
  01/19/2016 Acorda Therapeutics to Acquire Biotie Therapies
  01/19/2016 New Jersey Health Foundation/The Nicholson Foundation Award $50,000 to Advance Research to Slow Brain Degeneration in Parkinson's Disease
  01/19/2016 Dementia Drug May Improve Gait in Parkinson's Patients
  01/12/2016 NJIT's School of Management to be Named: The Martin Tuchman School of Management
  01/11/2016 Meet Rafael Colon, Artist and Champion in the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease
  01/11/2016 Participants Invited to Take Survey on Cognition and Parkinson’s Disease

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