Fundraise > Fundraising Ideas > 10 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event

Step 1

What Fundraiser Works for You?

Step 2

Call the PUW office at any point in the process to let us know of your plans, if you need assistance and/or we can answer any questions for you.

Step 3

Recruit Your Committee
The expression “It takes a village” applies to planning your fundraiser. No one needs to do this alone. There is strength in numbers and it’s more fun when you’re sharing the satisfaction AND the work of creating your event. Identify the roles that need to be filled (e.g., securing sponsors, designing promotional materials, etc.) and give your friends and family the opportunity to get involved based on their personal skills and strengths.

Step 4

Work Out the Logistics

Step 5

What’s Your Plan to Raise Money at Your Event?

Step 6

Sponsors are a Great Way to Up Your Game and Generate Even More Support

Step 7


Step 8

Prepare Your Promotional Materials and Spread the Word!

Step 9

Enjoy your event! Take satisfaction in knowing that you have raised funds for Parkinson’s research and take in the support expressed by your donors.

Step 10

Celebrate Your Success!