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The Parkinson’s Unity Walk is a special community because of our walkers and teams. They are at the heart of the Unity Walk. We want to celebrate the incredible efforts of all our fundraisers, and want to take a moment to recognize this year’s top ten fundraising teams (as of July 1, 2020). Since they joined the Unity Walk, combined, our top ten teams have raised $2.4 million. Congratulations to all and thank you for all you do.


Top 10 Teams 2020

Team McMoss

For Team McMoss, 2020 marks their thirteenth consecutive Unity Walk.  Captain Jim McNasby says thanks to funds raised in part by the Unity Walk, medical advancements have been made that have dramatically improved his life.  Wow.  We love to hear this.  I’ll bet you are not alone, Jim, and that many people’s lives have improved as a direct result of research funded in part by Unity Walk donations.  Thank you, Team McMoss.
Strike Clubs
Strike Clubs co-captains Carol Myer and Donna Leipzig bonded through boxing.  Both ladies look forward to every minute they box! Boxing makes them feel stronger and empowered. We are thrilled to have Strike Clubs in our Unity Walk family.  We know the importance of exercise, not just the physical benefits, but also the social aspects and the community we can build.  You are inspiring examples, Carol and Donna.
Papa’s Rockin’ NJ Walkers
We are honored to have Papa’s Rockin’ NJ Walkers with us since 2007, and they haven’t missed a walk since!  The team is led by Ted Stein, who is determined to continue to fight for a cure in the memory of his father, Saul.  Ted is quoted to have said, “It’s not about my team and me; it’s about finding a cure, whatever I can do.”  Thank you for the inspiration, Ted.
Miles for Mitch
Miles for Mitch has a huge presence in Central Park. You can’t miss them on Walk Day with their banner that says We’d Walk Miles for Mitch. The team describes Mitch as having a large, warm, and generous heart - and they are determined to walk for him to find a cure! We are proud to have you with us.
Drowning PD
Since 2008, Drowning PD has been a Unity Walk family member. Quite a large group has gathered each year in Central Park, honoring Ruth Drown and her commitment to the PD community.  Ruth has said, “I can make a difference in the lives of my fellow Parkinsonians and the Parkinson's community.”  You can, and you are, Ruth!
Team Sally
Team Sally reports their support system is an unbreakable chain made up of friends and family.  This team is all about the community.  They walk for Sally, their friend and a high school coach for twenty-five years.  She touched lives and inspired many in that role, and the local community has responded with support.  In the past, they have chartered a bus, and this large group has fun all the way to Central Park and back.  We love having you as part of our community, Team Sally.
Ginnie’s Gang
For almost 20 years, Ginnie’s Gang has been showing up and supporting her.  Her family states that Ginnie doesn't want or need anything except a cure. Ginnie is proud to have seen her team in the top 20 a few times over the years, now, here you are in the top ten, Ginnie.  Walking with us for close to 20 years-that is really something-thank you Ginnie and your Gang!
Team Alex
Team Alex is led by Team Captain and Unity Walk co-founder Ken Aidekman.  Alex Aidekman, Ken’s late father and hero, died with Parkinson’s in 1990.  He is the reason Ken became involved in the Parkinson’s community, as I mentioned, to co-found the Unity Walk and organizing Team Alex in memory of his father.  Ken, thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the community.  Inspiring.
Team Mensch
Team Mensch relays that they were a small crew for their first Unity Walk in April 2004.  They found that being surrounded by so many people all dealing with similar challenges and rallying for a cure was both comforting and inspiring.  And it’s that feeling that has kept them coming back; they treat the Walk as a family tradition - gathering each April to walk and be a part of the Parkinson's community.  They say that “each year, we add more hope that a cure is within reach.” We wholeheartedly agree, Team Mensch.
Team Kathy
Team Kathy has been walking with us since 1999, the year Kathy had DBS surgery and the family first heard about the walk. This year is a bit different.  It would have been Kathy’s 21st Walk but now her family is walking in the memory of Kathy and honoring her inspiring fight with Parkinson’s. Diagnosed in 1986, despite passing this year, she is still fighting to advance the cause - Kathy donated her brain to research. Her family states:  “Kathy didn't suffer from Parkinson's, she lived with it and fought against it". We will all keep fighting with Team Kathy.

 Thank you to our Top 10 Teams, and to all who help raise research dollars.  





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