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Use the PUW logos to promote your fundraising efforts and participation in the Parkinson's Unity Walk® (PUW).

Terms for Usage of the Parkinson's Unity Walk Logo and Brand Name
I agree to the terms for usage outlined by the PUW.


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Usage of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk Logo and Brand Name

How do I refer to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and use the approved logo?  Can I use the “Parkinson’s Unity Walk” name for my event’s title?

Registered participants and teams can refer to the “Parkinson’s Unity Walk” and use the approved logo when it pertains to their direct participation in the PUW.

When naming your events, please do not use and/or include Parkinson’s Unity Walk in the name of your event.

We appreciate many teams and participants who want to create events and fundraisers to benefit the Parkinson’s Unity Walk.  Examples of recognition include:

Any use of PUW is for informational use only, to inform the public of your participation with the PUW.  Any mention of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk should accompany a registered trademark symbol.  For example:  Parkinson’s Unity Walk®.  It must not state that you are affiliated with the Walk, but that you are raising proceeds to benefit the Parkinson’s Unity Walk.  It must be clear that you and/or your team, not the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, are responsible for your event and fundraiser.

Can I modify the approved logo?
Other than changing the logo’s size to fit your printing/design area, modification of PUW’s given logo is not allowed.  Please use the approved logo as is.

Where can I use the approved logo?
Any offline/online communication and promotion related to your fundraising efforts, events, fundraisers, and direct participation in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk.  Examples include:  team shirts, brochures, flyers, signage, websites, and e-mail correspondence.  All forms of online promotion should link directly to www.unitywalk.org or to your registered participant/team pages.  

Which logo can I use?
Registered participants and teams can access the approved logos via their Participant Center.

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