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Parkinson's CHAMPs in Action

Thank you to all participants for sharing your fundraising experiences and all you are doing to raise funds on behalf of the Unity Walk.

Had a local fundraising event in your community? Be featured as a Parkinson's CHAMP in Action by completing this form. Share what your fundraiser has accomplished and inspire other walkers to create their own event, resulting in more funds for Parkinson’s research. Here's your chance to send us your event photos!

Have an upcoming event? Add your fundraiser to the community calendar.

7th Annual Parkinson's Walk of East Tennessee 

Pounding for Parkinson’s – Zumba and Percussion

Hoppin' to Stomp out Parkinson's Disease

Ride for a Cause

Pinot’s Palette Fundraiser

Finally Shopping Night for Parkinson's

Parkettes Fall Fair Fundraiser

Dining for a Cure

6th Annual Parkinson's Walk of East Tennessee

Painting with a Purpose

Fifth Annual Pasta for Parkinson's (Ohio)

Basket Bingo

Spring Fever Fundraiser

Pens for Parkinson's

Going Country for a Cure

6th Annual Volley for the Cure

4th Annual Soup for the Soul

Fourth Annual Ladies Shopping Night for PD Research

Paint for Parkinson's

The 5th Annual Parkinson's Walk of East Tennessee was held on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

2016 Jane Train Walk