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Team Chopra

Team Chopra
Westbury, New York
Walking since 2017

Raised: $29,614 since 2017

Why I/We Walk:
Initially, the inspiration to walk came from the fact that our father, Raj K. Chopra, was diagnosed with and living with Parkinson’s. Subsequently, our cousin, Arun Chopra, was also diagnosed with PD. We know of others who have or had PD, and we walk for them, and all the countless, unnamed ones, who struggle and suffer, who survive and thrive, with this condition.

Fun Fact About Us:
The cutest member of our team is Avana Grace – Raj Chopra’s granddaughter! At nearly 7 years old, she continues to radiate light, humor, understanding and joy. Her energy and light energize our team!

Keys to Our Success:
I think the key to the success of our fundraising is what I might say is ‘karma’. What I mean by that is – my father has helped so many people in his lifetime. He has so many people who feel profound gratitude towards him. So simply sending out an email, (or two, or three, or ten!), and asking for donations, and mentioning Raj K. Chopra – that was one of the keys to our fundraising success in the past. Also, my Dad knows people who care. We reached out to them. We also each asked our friends, communities, via emails, FB posts, and word of mouth.

Why I/We Love the Unity Walk:
It is so inspiring and invigorating and affirming and therapeutic to be surrounded by folks who know about, care about, and are intimate with Parkinson’s disease in some form or another. It’s heartening to see families and friends show up to support their loved ones in this way. It’s uplifting to see performances of those with PD on stage. It’s extremely helpful to talk with and get literature from all the different booths that are set up. It’s been very educational to attend the extra talks in the morning on the day of the walk.

Team Leaders:
Geeta, Avana, Mona – woo-hoot!

Story by Mona and Geeta Chopra, May 24, 2019

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