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Big AG's Boxing Event

How my idea was developed:
As the Team Captain for Big AG, the idea began when I learned that boxing is a terrific exercise for those suffering from Parkinson's Disease, which my late father suffered from for over 10 years.  I was joined by 14 friends and family members for a wonderful and exhilarating workout at NYC's Atomic Total Fitness gym.  The owner, Adam Shuty, donated his time, and that of three of his trainers, to help all of us learn more about conditioning and the fundamental moves when sparring/boxing.  

What went into planning my event’s logistics:
In planning this event, I first spoke with different gym facilities in my area until I found one that was very receptive to helping this cause, without charging an exorbitant facilities fee.  I then spoke with family and friends to gauge interest.  Once I realized there would be a nice size turnout, I then discussed the limitations with the gym owner, Adam Shuty, and we settled on the appropriate number for this charity event.  

How I promoted my event:
I promoted the event by emailing to friends and family a self designed flyer, indicating the type of event, and the relevant details (e.g., time, place, monetary donation, etc.)

How I raised funds:
I established what I thought was a very reasonable donation fee, in order to attract participants to this event.  This amount was one of the details in my emailed self designed flyer.  If interested, I asked that they respond to my email and provide a check when they arrived at the gym facility.  Each check was to be made payable to “Parkinson’s Unity Walk”.  This way I did not have to deposit any funds and merely mailed the checks to the Walk’s address,  

My event raised: I made close to $650.00.

Lessons I learned that I would like to pass along to others:
We all were smiling and thoroughly sweaty after this hour of training.  I cannot thank Adam and his trainers enough for this event.  I highly recommend his facility and this type of exercise (my muscles are still feeling the effects of "dormancy”!).

Susan Sherman, Big AG




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