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Shaken Not Stirred


Shaken Not Stirred
Bloomsburg, PA
Walking Since 2017


Raised:  Since 2017, we have raised over $6,000.

Why I/We Walk:
I am the one with Parkinson’s in the group and started walking in 2016, just after being diagnosed. I wanted to “dip my toe” into the waters of the Parkinson’s community to get a sense of the larger group of which I was now a part.

Initially, I wanted to have a small group of walkers, but once word got out about what we were planning, my friends had bigger ideas. Now we rent a bus for over thirty people and travel for 3 hours to come to the Walk.  We have team members who travel to Bloomsburg, PA from as far as California, North Carolina, and Virginia, to ride with us on the bus and others meet us in New York City on Walk day.

Fun Fact About Us:
The one thing that unites our team is humor. We laugh A LOT – some silly humor, some dark humor – anything that wards off frowns and wallering!  Our team logo is a martini glass with a caricature of my head as the olive.

Key to Our Success:
Most of the fundraising is done with social media, Facebook posts, and word of mouth, through various social clubs including The American Legion and The Elks. We have a very good and fun time, and that reputation draws people in to be generous with their time and money, love and hugs!

Why I/We Love the Unity Walk:
It’s a great time! It’s a wonderful location, it’s well-organized, and there are smiles in abundance at the event. It gives a sense of community and a better awareness of how many people are affected by Parkinson’s and the need for support.

Team Leaders:
I am the team captain - so mostly the face of the operation – but the ship couldn’t run without Mary, Renee, Yvonne, Monica, Corey – our guide while we are in NYC – and all the other members of the team.

Story by Wade Buehler, November 13, 2018

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