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Finally Shopping Night for Parkinson's

Why is it so important for us to have fundraisers?

Last night my friends and I shopped 'til we dropped at my 5th Annual Shopping for Parkinson's Night at one of my favorite women's stores - "Finally" - in Cherry Hill, NJ.   And while I was shopping, trying on clothes, and laughing with my friends, I was raising money for my Parkinson's Unity Walk team, Debina's Dream!  It was so easy!  I showed up ahead of time to set up some snacks and get a sneak peak at what I wanted to buy.  Then for the next few hours my friends came and went, and we chatted away while we shopped.  As the last of them said goodbye, the store owner was tallying up the sales.  I gathered my shopping bags, and just before I walked out the door, she handed me a check for 20% of the receipts.  This year that amount was $320.

Though we have raised more money at this event in the past, I gained insight this year into a deeper understanding of what fundraising is all about.  Yes, of course, it's about raising money. But I realize now, it's even more.  It is also about raising awareness and reminding people - "Yes!  I am still living with this disease!  A cure is still needed!"  I work very hard at coming across as "normal", which makes it easy for people to forget.  This reminded them in a positive way, while raising money at the same time!

And if you think you can't, YOU CAN!

Debbie Flamini
Team Captain, Debina’s Dream

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