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The Big AG

In 2004 Aaron Ganz, our Big AG, (devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and brother), was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  As occurs with many of those afflicted, Aaron’s disease progressed over the course of the years, depriving him of the ability to be independent and to enjoy life on his terms.  But even as he lost the ability to paint, sculpt, garden, do the Sunday Crossword puzzle and take care of his basic day to day functions, he never complained and never lost his dignity.  When you would speak to him, he would always ask, “how are you?” and steer the conversation away from himself. He reveled in hearing about his six grandchildren and all of their accomplishments, and he didn’t miss a beat in following the games of his favorite team, the New York Giants, whether they were winning or losing.  In addition to his family and diverse interests, a fundamental part of his life was the practice of medicine.  For over fifty years Big AG cared for the health and well being of others, as an internist on Long Island, New York. The stories of his diagnostic acumen and compassion are legion and are still shared with a mix of wonder and pride by his colleagues, family and friends.  

On February 3, 2017, the Big AG  passed away from complications of Parkinson’s disease.  Soon after saying goodbye, we, his family, knew that it was now our turn to follow in his footsteps and honor his dedication to the health of others. We decided that our energies should be focused on trying to help others suffering with this disease, to give them the ability to live comfortably, and with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.  It was with our Big AG in mind that we joined, for the first time, the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, in April 2017.  As we began to form a team - a team of friends and relatives that knew him and loved him - we found others also willing to participate and to donate.  In walking for a cure we are honoring the memory of Aaron Ganz by contributing to the efforts to eradicate this disease. We know this would make him proud.  

Susan Sherman
Team Captain, The Big AG



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