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Parkettes Fall Fair Fundraiser

A local church on Long Island was holding a Fall Fair so our Unity Walk team, The Parkettes, decided to use it as a fundraiser. We rented two tents at $45 each. We asked friends and family to donate items that we used to create holiday baskets. Our supporters were very generous and we ended up selling 15 gift baskets! We also raffled off a pet grooming certificate that a local groomer donated. Last but not least, we filled a vase with candy and sold chances at $1 each to guess how many pieces of candy were in the vase. All told we raised $500!

It was a big undertaking but the three of us worked together to make this happen. It was raining as we started to set up and that part was not fun but we were determined to hang in there. By mid-morning, it was overcast – people began to come and the fun began. When we told people what we were doing and why, they were very generous. Many gave donations even though they didn’t want a gift basket. It was an enlightening experience and we met many people who were also impacted by Parkinson's disease in some way. What a great day!

Juanita Raia
Team Member, The Parkettes

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