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Dining for a Cure

Step 1. Find a restaurant! Where do you eat out? My event was held in a family run restaurant, where I work but many chain restaurants also will host fundraisers. In our area, it's a common thing in Sliders and Chilis to give back to the community. Don't be afraid to ask! Sans Souci Restaurant in Meriden, Ct. agreed to donate 10% of the evenings proceeds to the Unity Walk and Dining for a Cure was born. In return, I agreed to fill the restaurant to capacity. I did this by spreading the word everywhere.

Step 2. Pick a date. Work with the manager of the restaurant to pick a date that works best for their business. Also, ask permission to put up posters or table cards in the restaurant promoting the event. We used table cards. Ask the manager to let his employees know what the event's about so if a customer asks a question they can answer it. We put the table cards on the tables a month prior to the event.

Step 3. Advertise everywhere! Here's what I did...

Our first year we raised $1700.00 and this year we raised $3045.00!

Polly Zagorski
Team member, Deen’s Day Trippers