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4th Annual Soup for the Soul

What would you say if I told you I had a soup recipe that could potentially cure Parkinson's disease some day?  And what if I told you it doesn't cost a penny?  Would you want the recipe?  Of course you would!  But my "soup recipe" is more of a soup "fundraising" recipe.  The ingredients are a bunch of friends or co-workers who like to make soup and like to eat it, and people who like a reasonably priced homemade lunch.  That's what Hartford School in Mt Laurel, NJ has been cooking up for 4 years now.  Raising between $600 and $1000 each year that we have done it, I can honestly say we are helping move research closer to a cure!

So once a year we ask for about 12 volunteers to bring in a crockpot of their favorite soup, 5 salads, bread, dessert and bottled water.  For a $5 - $10 donation, our staff gets to sit down and enjoy an all you can eat lunch together in the school cafeteria.  No cost - just pure profit for my walk team!

The recipe is called "Soup for the Soul.”  Yes, it is good for my soul, bringing me hope for that someday cure to be someday soon.  But it is also true that it's good for the soul for everyone who helped make it happen.  They know they have made a difference in my life, and that someday (hopefully soon) when that cure is found, they will know they were one of the secret ingredients!

Debbie Flamini
Team Captain, Debina’s Dream

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