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Fourth Annual Ladies Shopping Night for PD Research

Debina’s Dream has given new meaning to the phrase “retail therapy”, with our 4th annual “Fun”draiser for Parkinson’s” shopping day!  This is retail therapy at its best!  What could be more therapeutic to a woman with Parkinson’s (other than a dose of Sinemet) than spending time shopping and chatting with friends, knowing that 20% of all the proceeds will be donated to the Unity Walk to help find a cure!  This year I got my fourth dose of “therapy” thanks to the generosity of Fern Pogust, owner of Finally Arrived women’s boutique in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Fern is a very savvy business owner, who recognizes her advertising dollars are better spent exposing her shop in this positive way, then to pay for a printed ad in some local magazine, or a 10 second slot on the radio.

This event has become an annual tradition for Debina’s Dream.  My family looks forward to it, along with my friends from the gym, and my friends from work (one of which came up with this great idea).  It’s so easy, and just plain fun!  All I do is get the word out through emails and social media, organize snacks with a few of my close friends, and come prepared to shop till we drop!  And shop we do!  Over four years we have raised over $2100 from this event!

They say, “when things get tough, the tough go shopping!”.  Yes, after eight years, Parkinson’s is tough.  But that’s no reason not to go shopping!  Especially when it’s for the cause closest to my heart – raising money for a cure.  My cure!  I won’t stop until it’s here, and neither will my friends and family.  But we may as well have fun along the way!

Debbie Flamini
Team Captain, Debina’s Dream

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