Postcard from 08528

Greetings from Jersey – here’s a view from our Kingston, NJ office.  We’ve been remembering to water our flowers, so they’re hanging on… sign that it’s summer, summer, summer time (Will Smith’s Summertime is the song of the moment)!  It’s relatively quiet here in our office, compared to April.  However, we’re still kind of waiting for the real calm to arrive.

While we’re savoring all those trips to the Jersey Shore with our own families, and longer days with after work trips to our local farms (must get as much Jersey corn and tomatoes as possible), and watching as much of the Olympic Games as possible… the next Walk has also been keeping our summer moving really fast.

Just in case you missed the last buzz:  2013 Registration is now open!  Yes the website for our 19th Walk is up.  And for those on social media, even the hashtag is running.  You are encouraged to join the conversation and start using #puw2013 with your tweets.  If you have a few minutes to spare between your jammed pack summer vacation days, please make sure you register early – there are many reasons why you can benefit from signing up before school starts.

Speaking of classes, we’re also attending a few summer sessions, to learn new tools to help you fundraise better.  We’ll let you know about them, as soon as we finish learning about them, ourselves.  Stay tuned.

Okay enough about us, how’s your summer going so far?  (Can you tell we already miss every single one of our 500+ teams?)  Please do leave us a comment and let us know how you and your team members are doing.  How are you all spending your summer?  Don’t forget to send us your photos =).

In the meantime, wishing lots of barbeques, beach getaways, and lazy summer backyard days for your entire family.  We hope you and your team members grab the bug spray and sunblock and spend lots of time outdoors.  We’re hoping to do the same before the fall/winter aka “We got the date!” time rolls around.

Please keep in touch and definitely reach out to us, especially about any of your fall fundraiser ideas.  We’re open year round and haven’t packed our bags yet, though we’re excited about this upcoming overseas trip.

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