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Supporting the Unity Walk from a distance

kameronMTLindseyCroppedWEBThere are many supporters of the Parkinson’s Unity Walk who can’t join us in person for the Walk in Central Park but are there with us in spirit. Kameron Allison is one of those individuals. Kameron drove from Texas to Colorado to climb Mt. Lindsey with his friends this past Saturday in honor of his mother, Katrina Allison. Together, Katrina and Debbie Flamini make up the “Debina” of Debina’s Movers & Shakers. Kameron is pictured here with their blue team t-shirt. Reaching the summit takes determination and commitment – the very same qualities our walkers display as they strive to raise funds for a cure.

If you couldn’t join us in New York, let us know where were you as you supported the Walk. We’d love to hear from you!

Helaine Isaacs
PUW Event Director


2 Responses to “Supporting the Unity Walk from a distance”

  1. Debbie Flamini Says:

    I am Debbie of Debina, and I love the analogy of reaching the summit requiring the same determination and commitment as the walkers. So much so, I’d like to add to that. I also think the many researchers, who we look to for hope, must possess that same determination and commitment. They are like the powerful Sherpas who will lead all of us with Parkinson’s to the summit (a cure) where we will look back down on the long path that led us to the top and see the beauty of our journey from a different perspective. I encourage anyone with PD to open your eyes to that beauty now. For some it will look like the support of loved ones. Some will see the beauty in their new found creativity. It can even be the appreciation of the medications that keep us going, like the food and water the climbers need to reach the top. For me it is all those things and so much more, including the wonderful people, like Katrina, who I have met on this journey. She and I have chosen the Unity Walk as our “trail” to the summit, and some day, we will get there.

  2. Our Team Says:

    Hi Debbie,
    And we are grateful to have people like you and Katrina on the “trail” with the Unity Walk. It is the spirit of people like the two of you that inspires us to do the work we do. We look forward to the day when we all reach that “summit.”
    Helaine Isaacs
    PUW Event Director

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