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Remembering Marc Wilkofsky

Marc Wilkofsky

Marc volunteering on the day of the Walk

Marc Wilkofsky was a longtime supporter and a volunteer (for at least 10 years!) at the annual Unity Walk. One of his fellow volunteers shared with us the news about his recent death and we are saddened to hear of his passing.

Marc is part of the Walk’s history, from its initial stages and as it grew over the years, he continued to stay with us. He was part of our PR committee many years ago, and yes, he helped to edit our event brochures and materials. He even came up with one of our earlier event taglines – Freedom From Parkinson’s can be a Walk in the Park.

Marc worked professionally as an editor in the comic book industry and one of our favorite memories of him was when he showed us a comic strip he drew about the Walk. He was definitely passionate about doing everything he could to help out!

He never missed an event and he was always ready to assist on the day of the Walk with a smile!

Thank you Marc for your long service to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk and our entire community.  You and your dedication will always be remembered at all upcoming Walks to come.

5 Responses to “Remembering Marc Wilkofsky”

  1. Ken Aidekman Says:

    Marc Wilofsky was one of the reasons I love working with the Parkinson’s Unity Walk: You meet the nicest people volunteering for a vital cause. I never got to know him well, but I will always remember his broad grin as he did whatever was needed to have our Walk run smoothly. He was kind of shy, but his positive attitude shown right through. It does my heart good to know that he enjoyed his time with us and gave of himself willfully to the greater community. Thank you, Marc.

  2. Gloria Hansen Says:

    I remember taking the picture of Marc and Sara above, and every year I looked forward to seeing them, both at the Walk and related events. Over the years I’ve taken many pictures of him, and in every one Marc wears a broad, sunny smile. I enjoyed all of our talks and laughs, and I will truly miss him at the Walk.

  3. Our Team Says:

    As the photographer for the Unity Walk, you get to see more people and capture their experience than most of us do. Thanks for sharing your comments about Marc. We will miss him as well.

  4. Jocelyn Thomas Says:

    When I saw the tagline on the 2013 Parkinson’s Unity Walk brochure — Make Every Step Count — I thought of Marc. He was a talented and dedicated member of the Unity Walk’s planning staff. I missed him at today’s Walk as I’m sure many people did.

  5. Our Team Says:

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Yes, he was missed at the Walk. Thanks for taking the time to remember him.
    Helaine Isaacs
    Event Director

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