"Parkinsons Disease Unity Walk 2007" a poem by Kelly Maurer

New York City, Central Park, over 11,000 walk as one
What excitement, curiousity as the day has just begun
Upon my cheeks, warmth, radiating from the sun
The rain now has parted, not a cloud in the sky
A gentle breeze felt as it blows through the trees so high
I sit and relax, and watch the people pass by
Pondering the question why, but still there is no reply
A kind woman sat beside me, her story so sad
The sign she was carrying, said we miss you dad
One sentence, felt so deep, what impact it had
Her feelings of helplessness made her angry and mad
The emotions came rushing, tears streamed down my face
She reached out for me, and we shared an embrace
A calmness came over me, a moment I cannot replace
The crowd had grown, all ages young and old
My friend only 40, and I 37, we didn't fit the "mold"
Our voices loud, wanting our story to be told
Spreading awareness, no longer will PD be put on hold
If you want them to listen stand tall and be bold
With resources and research watch the answers unfold
The cure is to come, write those words down in gold
We stood at the FOX table hoping MJ would appear
Never imagining we could ever get near
As I looked up again, it was him, standing right there
I reached out my hand and he graciously accepted
Although brief, it seemed endless, I felt so connected
Mohammed Ali, a man so widely respected
I met his wife and daughter, their lives also affected
Now the time had come to kick off the start
A message of courage and hope as each spoke from their heart
Lets go get "em" Michael said, its time to depart
A stream of people stretching as far as the eye could see
All of us fighting in someway to be free of PD
Along the path so many kind people and such beautiful signs
We held up our arms, said yes, as we crossed the finish line
I wasn't alone, for Gods hand held mine
The applause was so loud, it was heard everywhere
What a wonderful ending to my experience there
As this comes to a close, these words I must share
We are each individuals unique and rare
Our disease in common, symptoms we can compare
At times feelings of despair, days you say this just isnt fair
Lucky are we though that we have so many who care
Strength, courage and peace you can find through prayer
Please remember to always keep your friends near
Hold your family tight and love them so dear
Last but not least, this I need you to hear
Know you are special each time you look in the mirror
For all of us fighting and to all of you who help
Dont give in or give up