Raising Awareness and Funds for Research

(March 13, 2014) - I ordered extra team t-shirts for people to wear here in Texas, you could say for “conversation starters.” All it takes is someone asking “What does Debina’s Dream mean?” or “I have PD” or “My cousin has PD.” The more shirts that are worn, the more conversations that are started, the more awareness is spread, and ultimately, the more funds raised for research.

Each t-shirt came with five flyers to be distributed. The flyers explain what PD is in a way everyone can understand. They also include a little bit about me and my team co-captain, and how to donate and raise awareness.  

When each friend wears their Debina’s Dream t-shirt, they share it with their co-workers, family, neighbors and friends. The people in the photo wearing the t-shirt come from all walks of life. Shirts will be worn all over Texas a-n-d it’s a big state! Our shirt will be worn out of the country as well....My son-in-law will proudly wear his in Bahrain where he serves in the US Navy. A college student is taking hers to Argentina while she does a 4 month study.  

The stories from our “conversation starters” have been better than I ever imagined. Here are just two examples. This week, a couple saw someone wearing our t-shirt. They asked about it and my friend put them in touch with me. Their son, who is my age, has just been diagnosed with PD. He has not been able to talk to them about it yet but I was able to speak to them. They thanked me for helping them understand what PD is and for giving them hope. And yes, they asked for the web site to make a donation.  

Another woman who asked me about my t-shirt had a daughter and son-in-law who both had PD and are now deceased. She told me their daughter, her granddaughter, lives in NYC.  This woman is going to put me in contact with her granddaughter who may come to the Unity Walk with us to walk in honor of her parents. While we were speaking, other people who knew someone who has PD gathered around and I gave them flyers. I take a list with me to the Walk of people who can’t attend the Walk in NY and I added the names of those people to my list. Some of them must have made a donation because there are donors listed on my personal donation page that I don’t even know.  

 We are having fun sharing what PD is and how it is not something to hide, or hide from. Through AWARENESS, DONATIONS, AND RESEARCH COMES A CURE!  

Katrina Allison
Team Co-Captain, Debina’s Dream