Team Pasquale Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee


 April 14, 2013 - My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about six years ago. It was difficult for him to cope with the physical changes he was enduring. It broke my heart to watch him suffer with this disease. I felt extremely helpless. After a few years of feeling this way, I decided to fight back for my dad.  
Last year was the first time I participated in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. The day was truly memorable and inspirational.  After my family and I registered for the 2013 Walk, I decided to take my fundraising efforts a step further. My goal this year was to host a fundraiser event and raise awareness about PD.  
Since it was my first time hosting an event, I wanted to have an event that wouldn’t be overwhelming for me to run.  Applebee’s Restaurants host this Flapjack Breakfast Fundraiser every weekend from 8-10am. They provide the food and chefs. I had to secure volunteers to seat guests, clean tables, and serve food. My family and friends gladly volunteered to work the event. I posted the event information in two local papers and posted flyers in various places. In addition, with the help of my family, we presold tickets in order to guarantee a successful event. We sold 120 tickets and raised $1,525. It was a simple way to raise money and everyone who participated had lots of fun!