Bettina Chavanne Uses Her Passion for Photography and Online Resources

I have always been a photographer - I have loved taking pictures since I got my first camera when I was eight years old. But it wasn't until recently (and because of a generous Christmas gift from my boyfriend) that I started to shoot semi-professionally. I take my camera everywhere now. And I noticed that for the most part, I don't shake when I'm shooting. Sure, when I'm nervous, the tremors kick in, and I have a wicked time taking photographs in low light, but generally I do very well. I've also adopted a stance where I brace my camera over my left shoulder to steady it.

Although I've put up many of my pictures in my home, I'm starting to run out of wall space, so I decided to create a book of my favorite images. As I was putting it together, I got the idea to create a weekly planner (so the book was actually useful!) and donate some of the proceeds to the Parkinson's Unity Walk. I'm always looking for new ideas to raise money, and this seemed like an easy one. The kicker about making a book on the website I chose is that I can offer the book as an iPad app - which makes it even easier (and cheaper!) for people to buy and have at their disposal. I promote the book on my personal blog, on my twitter feed, and of course on Facebook. With fundraising, it's all about social media!

Bettina Chavanne
Team Captain, Team Bettina