"faith, hope, charity" by Tom Gorman

March 15, 2005

This is about faith with the small "f", not the formal, organized "Faith" of any particular religion. Most people I know express faith in themselves and in someone or something.

Without faith in others, not much would get done. Take the Unity Walk, for example.

If the walkers didn't have faith that the organizers will have everything ready for them, not many walkers would be in Central Park every April. The organizers would "lose faith" with the walkers. Faith builds upon itself.

Without faith, it's difficult seeing beyond the present and the immediate future. Life with Parkinson's is a journey of faith, at a minimum, for those who have the disease; perhaps even more so for the ones who support that person.

When we travel the two miles, we are, at the very least, on our own faith journey, proving that faith you put in yourself and your companions is there. You can do it.

Hope would be difficult without faith. When we walk, we show the hope we have that our actions on an April Saturday play a part in finding the cure of Parkinson's disease.

Charity speaks for itself. The Walk has thousands of acts of charity ranging from New Yorkers giving directions to "out-of-towners" to the major sponsors' monetary contributions. Without charity, life would be more difficult than one can imagine, with or without, Parkinson's disease.

Tom Gorman