Top 50 Teams - Parkinson's Unity Walk 2013

While the Walk is possible because of all individuals and families involved, we want to say congratulations to the following Top 50 Teams of the 19th Parkinson's Unity Walk - 2013. This year's Walk raised over $1.7 million in donations and united more than 10,000 walkers in raising awareness in support of Parkinson's research.  Click here to read an inspiring message from our top Rookie Team Captain.

Team McMoss $97,745.00   Jim McNasby
Papa's Rockin NJ Walkers $41,661.00   Ted Stein
Team Heartland Brewery $32,211.00   Gregory Elliott
Team Boot Scoot & Boogie $32,065.00   Sophie Stevens
DominACHIN over PD $25,161.00   Gail Achin
The "Betz" Team $25,100.00   Jane Betz
Team Nashville $23,104.00   Gayle Maloney
PDF Pacers! $22,952.52   Marc Sherman
Pk Hope Is Alive $21,401.00   Karen Sampsell
Livin' La Levodopa $21,294.50   Susan Murray
Young Onset of Westchester $21,075.91   Alex Abrahams
Credit Suisse Walkers $19,989.00   Yuko Usami
Team Robbleheads $19,085.18   Sadie Rubin
Margot's Team $16,745.00   Helaine Isaacs
Team Galano $16,200.00   Nicole Galano
No Parkin Sons $16,110.00   Brenda Cohen
Team Mopsy $16,070.00   Katharine Crawford
Ned Heads $15,720.00   Annie Roesler
Team Kohan $14,742.00   Jeff Kohan

Team Cole - Top Rookie Team

$14,470.00   Tricia Cole
Light of Day $14,087.00   Robert Benjamin
Ginnie's Gang $14,002.63   Virginia Long
Debina's Movers & Shakers $13,525.00   Debbie Flamini
Team Ryan's Hope $13,321.81   John Ryan
Brooklyn Parkinson Group & Friends $13,045.00   Leonore Gordon
Alabama Parkinson's Fighters $12,669.56   Jeri Boyd
Evansville Stomps Out Parkinsons $12,338.48   Janice McGennis-Carr
Buddy's Team $11,957.00   Dahna Freidus
moon n stars $11,947.00   Peggy Poole
Wauk This Way $11,570.00   Michael Colsher
Ubell-Segall Team $11,410.00   Robert Ubell
Miracle Marvins $11,052.00   Ken Marvin
Team Monaco $10,888.21   Rachael Monaco
TUTU TRAIN $10,537.00   Sue Lifschiz
light and sweet $10,171.00   Barri Glick
Betty's Bunch $10,000.00   Lisa Caltabiano
Kossoff-Slater Crew $9,863.00   Jill Slater
Drowning PD $9,690.00   Ruth Drown
Team Kathy $9,294.00   Brian Levine
Debbie's Darlings $9,111.00   Debbie Pomeranz
Team Suchoff $8,756.00   Brian Suchoff
TEAM ROSSI $8,250.00   Vanessa Rossi
Bold Moves $7,924.00   Cheshire Schanker
A RI Team since 1997 $7,751.00   Daniel Lamendola
Central Valley Parkinson's Support Group, Visalia, CA $7,680.00   Marilyn Swanson
M&S&J $7,570.00   Judd Engelbrecht
DREAMWALKERS $7,356.00   Yvonne Schadei
RJFS Support Group $6,939.00   Joseph Honor
Daddy and His Dopamines $6,695.00   Tim Potter
Team Kelty $6,678.00   Kathleen Ryan