Raising Awareness of PD - One Billboard, Bus Shelter, Taxi TV, and Taxi Top at a Time

April 19, 2013 - Walk through the streets of Midtown Manhattan in April and chances are you will see an ad for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk on a taxi top, bus shelter or subway entrance. If you’re riding the subways on the East or West side, you’ll see ads on the subway platforms and if you were riding a taxi earlier this week, you might have seen May May Ali’s public service announcement for the Walk on the taxi screen.

The Unity Walk has the Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation to thank for this ad campaign to raise awareness about the event. They have generously donated this media space and facilitated all the arrangements. Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation provided similar support for the past couple of years. Just when we think they’ve done it all, they surprise us by offering new and creative ways to promote the Walk. The Unity Walk could not achieve this kind of visibility without the generous in-kind donation of media space by the Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation and we are extremely grateful for their support.