The Parkinson Alliance Announces Results from 13th Survey on Speech; Recruiting Participants to Complete Newest Survey on Falls.

(January 15, 2013)  The Parkinson Alliance has released the latest report on their Speech survey.

Changes in speech and communication for individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are common.  The causes and characteristics of speech disturbance in individuals with PD are complex and variable, but there are general patterns of speech changes in PD that are related to and coordinated by an integrated network of sensory, muscular, respiratory, and thinking functions.  

The Parkinson Alliance has completed its 13th survey, which focuses on this very issue.  Entitled “Speech in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease with and without Deep Brain Stimulation,” this survey included 758 participants including both groups— those with DBS— and those without.  86% of the participants of this study endorsed speech problems.  This study compared speech symptoms for DBS and Non-DBS participants as it relates to disease duration and age groups.

Survey results include the following DBS Highlights:

This Speech report, as well as all prior reports is available on  

The Parkinson Alliance is currently working on its Resilience report and will release results at a later date.

What you can do
The Parkinson Alliance is currently looking for participants for its 15th survey on “Falls in Parkinson’s Disease:  Increasing our Understanding about Falls and Related Risk Factors.”  There is no charge— all you have to do is provide your mailing address, complete and mail the survey back.  A paid return envelope is provided.  All information is confidential!  Here’s how you can contact The Parkinson Alliance to sign up to receive the latest survey.

Why your participation is so important
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