Your December 2012 Donation Can Keep us Moving Closer to a Cure

The Parkinson’s Unity Walk team is based in NJ/NY and we hope you weathered Hurricane Sandy safely.  For all those who experienced hardship during the storm, we hold you in our thoughts.  To those who are in the position to do so and if you are thinking of us during year end ... Here's a reminder about the 2012 tax deadline.  Please help us continue to keep moving our mission forward in 2013, by making a donation today.

Dear Supporters,

Make your donation count.  Give by 12/31 to meet the 2012 tax deadline.

The Parkinson’s Unity Walk is committed to raising funds for research until a cure is found.  Together, we’ve done so much:

While we’ve made progress, it is our mission to keep raising funds for research that improves the quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s, and ultimately a cure.  

Your gift in December can get us closer to a cure.  This month, make a special end of the year tax deductible donation. 
You can sponsor a walker or make a general donation by December 31st.  

Let’s keep the momentum going!  If we keep moving, we are all doing as much as we can to raise funds, so the scientists and researchers can continue their work and move us closer to a cure.  

Together, with your generous gift, we will move closer.  

With thanks for your continued support.  We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!  Happy Holidays from our team, to yours.

For information about grants funded by the Parkinson’s Unity Walk: