First Data from Largest, Ongoing Study of People with Parkinson's Disease Reveals Depression has Biggest Impact on Health Status

(November 30, 2012)  The Parkinson’s Unity Walk is proud to have supported this research by the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF).  NPF's Parkinson's Outcomes Project reveals that depression has biggest impact on the health status of Parkinson's patients, more than movement disorders.  A special thanks to our donors, individual walkers, and teams.  Because of all our supporters who make the Walk possible, including our sponsors and volunteers, we were able to help fund this study by the NPF.  With continued help from Unity Walk supporters, we will be able to help fund more research projects like this one.  Thank you for your continued support.

The following summary includes excerpts taken directly from a press release by the NPF.

The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) today released early findings from the largest clinical study of Parkinson's disease ever conducted, showing that depression is the most important factor influencing the health status of Parkinson's patients.

The study is part of the Parkinson's Outcomes Project, a longitudinal look at which treatments produce the best health outcomes. Started in 2009, the study represents data from more than 5,500 people with Parkinson's disease in four countries.

Based on the findings in this study, and the fact that addressing depression can positively impact levels of disability, relapse and health status, NPF recommends:

For complete information, read the official press release from the NPF.

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