New Raffle Prize for Top 50 Teams - a Memory Quilt!

(November 26, 2012)  There's a new prize to be raffled off at this year’s 19th Walk! 
The top 50 team captains will be entered into a raffle drawing for a 2013 PUW memory quilt featuring team t-shirts from this year's Walk. 

Approximately fifty team t-shirts received by the Unity Walk will be used to create a handmade memory quilt.  The Unity Walk reserves the right to select which t-shirts to include in the quilt.  Eligibility will be based on donations received by 5/28/13. 

Walkers may leave their team t-shirt with a volunteer at the Team Photo booth the day of the Walk.  Walkers may also mail their team t-shirt to the Unity Walk office prior to the Walk (PO Box 275, Kingston, NJ 08528).

As the event gets closer, please check the Prizes page for updated information.

Why this new prize?
Our walkers have told us that it is their drive to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease that motivates them to raise funds on behalf of the Unity Walk. If the Walk does offer a prize, our walkers want the prize to be meaningful. In light of this feedback, we have created this new prize to be raffled off at this year’s Walk.

In 2012, these were the TOP 50 Teams.  Register now to join their ranks and hopefully you can also be eligible for this new prize.