New Well-Being Map Improves Doctor-Patient Conversation for People with Parkinson's Disease

(October 5, 2012)  Now with more than 31,000 fans, the Parkinson’s More than Motion Facebook page is proud to introduce a new interactive tool for the Parkinson’s disease community: The Parkinson’s Well-Being Map.™

The map has already proven popular with PD patients in other countries. Now, we are excited to share this successful tool with our More than Motion community.

The Parkinson’s Well-Being Map™ allows patients to record and compare their Parkinson’s symptoms over time, using an online tool or a PDF version they can print and take to doctor’s appointments. The new tool provides patients with an overview of the symptoms that concern them most, and captures their most important questions for their doctor, helping them get more out of each doctor’s visit.
This tool will increase engagement with our growing More than Motion community, and we look forward to learning from our audience about their Well-Being Map experience.
To learn more about the map, visit