First Parkinson's Unity Walk in Denmark - May 12, 2012

The idea to create a Parkinson’s Unity Walk was furthered along at the 2011 Unity Walk in NYC, when three Danes formed the Danish Parkies and attended the Walk in NY. They met with Unity Walk staff about how they could create a walk in Copenhagen and were inspired by what they experienced at the Walk in NY.

Their idea came to fruition on May 12, 2012, in Copenhagen. Heino Jespersen, one of the event chairs recently sent us this update on their walk.  The following is a guest news item by Jespersen, on behalf of Parkinsonforeningen:

500 participants walked in Copenhagen with thousands of red balloons. Speeches by the association's patron, Countess Alexandra and Parkinson Ambassador, Anne-Mette Rasmussen warmed us up. There were beautiful tents on the central square of Copenhagen at City hall and in Fælledparken (the central park of Copenhagen). We sang, and the band Everybody's Talking played. We heard from the President of the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA). It was just a few of the many ingredients that day, where Parkinson sufferers, family and friends from across the country braved wind and rain in Copenhagen. Although the first Danish Parkinson's Unity Walk* was held under windy and rainy conditions, it was a great success with approximately 500 participants. We were all wearing a white shirt with the logo from Parkinson's Unity Walk and a small backpack with refreshments.

We started at City Hall with speeches by the National Chairman, Jorry Højer and Countess Alexandra. Our ambassador was preparing us for the walk with ballroom fitness where everyone danced the waltz, cha cha, rumba and samba. It was really fun. With Countess Alexandra, her little dog, and Anne-Mette Rasmussen in the front, we walked to Fælledparken along HC Andersens Boulevard. As promised, motorcycle cops did not show up. This was not without problems for the organizers. The bus from West Jutland was a great help towards motorists as it formed a solid rearguard.

As we arrived in Fælledparken, the strong winds unfortunately had been replaced by rain. Here there was still great music and a festive atmosphere. Our Chairman, Jorry Højer led a sing along that was written for the day, and a team put on a great show with line dancing. Then Everybody Talking played their beautiful music.

With the great success and participants from across the country, we both believe and hope that the Copenhagen Parkinson's Unity Walk will be a good and solid tradition for years to come.

Copenhagen PUW Pictures

All the best,
Heino Jespersen

*Is not affiliated with the Parkinson’s Unity Walk® held in New York City.  While each organization autonomously plans its event, we continue to work collaboratively to raise global awareness about Parkinson’s disease.

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