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Donna Kos and her Sunnyvale Parkinson's Walk
Top fundraiser for the 2006 Parkinson's Unity Walk
June 16, 2006

Donna Kos is a woman with a mission. "This was the 3rd annual walk in
Sunnyvale," stated Donna. Donna is an Educator at a top ranking school in
Northern California. During her spare time she meets with businesses,
support groups and families to inform them about this walk and provide them
with educational material about Parkinson's disease.

People respond warmly to Donna because they can relate to her. "I do this
in memory of my father and they welcome me with open arms," notes Donna.
She tells everyone she meets the story of her father, Edward, who lost his
battle with Parkinson's disease in 1996. Her heart of compassion shows in
her actions and her fundraising efforts. She explains to her supporters
that they can be a part of the bigger picture without coming to New York
City. Not everyone can afford to come to New York City, so that is why I
started this." says Donna.

Her objective when speaking to the support groups is not to generate
donations from the members but to reach their sons and daughters and get
them involved. "I tell them to walk around their neighborhood, call and
write letters." Evidently it's working, she had 17 states donate to this
year's Walk. They are taking her advise to heart.

Donna's dedication secured national and local sponsors. "Thanks to local
businesses who made contributions in exchange for their logo on the
t-shirts, we raised over $16,557.57 for the 2006 Parkinson's Unity Walk,"
stated Donna. "Their support meant a lot to the cause and the Sunnyvale

Unity Walk

Unity Walk