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News in the Parkinson's Disease Community

A New Drug XPro1595 May Slow Progression of Parkinsonís Disease

Study of First Parkinson's Disease Vaccine Shows Encouraging Results

NeuroDerm Announces Eligibility for European Union Centralized Procedure for ND0612H

A New Study Reveals Why Coffee Protects Some Against Developing Parkinson's Disease

Mitochondria-Targeted Therapeutic Discovery Research Project Underway

MRI Brain Scans Detect People with Early Parkinson's Disease

First Ever World Parkinson Coalition Scientific Update

Medicare & Parkinsonís Disease: Therapy Caps and the Exceptions Process

Largest Ever Trial in Parkinson's Disease Shows That For Long Term Treatment Levodopa is Better Than Newer Drugs

University of Alabama Study Finds LRRK2 May Be Key to Combating Parkinsonís Disease

UCLA Researchers Identify New Gene Involved in Parkinson's Disease

Safinamide New Drug Application (NDA) Submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Rice University Researcher Rebooting Deep Brain Stimulation

Specialized Care Urged for Treating Parkinson's Disease

Exenatide Has Potential as a Disease Modifying Agent in Parkinson`s Disease

Adamas Pharmaceuticals Provides Data Update On ADS-5102 At The American Academy Of Neurology Annual Meeting

Civitas Announces Positive Results from Phase II Inhaled Levodopa Trial

Impax Pharmaceuticals Resubmits New Drug Application for RYTARYô (Carbidopa and Levodopa) Extended-Release Capsules (IPX066)

Brain Imaging Tracer for Parkinson`s Disease

Parkinson`s Disease and Pesticides: What's the Connection?

Google Glasses Could Help Parkinson`s Sufferers

FDA Approves Vanderbilt Trial for Parkinson`s Treatment

Completion of a Study on Retinal Pathology in an Animal Model of Parkinson`s Disease

Parkinson`s Support Group at Capital Health Medical Center

Potential Parkinson's Therapy Secures $23 Million for Testing from NIH After Foundation Funding

"Electronic Skin": New Hope for Parkinsonís Patients

NeuroDerm Announces Enrollment in a Second Phase 2 Study of ND0612, a Continuous Levodopa/Carbidopa Drug for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

UCLA Researchers Link Common Pesticides to Parkinsonís Disease

New Research Offers Explanation About Why Deep Brain Stimulation Works

For Workers with Parkinson's, It's a Tough Job

Researchers ID More Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's, Gene that Increases Risk

PatientsLikeMe and Sage Bionetworks Launch Open Science Study for People with Parkinson's Disease

New Potential Cell Therapy for Parkinsonís

Device to Help Prevent Falls Invented in Australia

Research Identifies Enzyme that Blocks Paths to Parkinson's Disease

Ruby Foundation to Merge with Davis Phinney Foundation

Hot Topics in Movement Disorders: Treatment Options for Parkinsonís Disease, Essential Tremor, and Dystonia

Amarantus In-licenses Levadopa-induced Dyskinesia Phase 2b-ready Eltoprazine from PGI Drug Discovery

Novel Gene Therapy for Parkinsonís Disease Clears Hurdle

Disparities Among Which Parkinsonís Patients Receive Deep Brain Stimulation

Gene Found That Protects Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

Parkinson's Research Study Shows Inosine Compound Raises Urate Levels

Stanford Researchers Record Data from Brain of Ambulatory Parkinson's Patient

Ohio State Study Shows Exercise Improves Depression in Parkinson's Patients

Neurologist at Emory Awarded $3 Million Life Sciences Breakthrough Award

ďSmart GlassesĒ to Improve Gait of Parkinson's Patients

Researchers Discover That an Important Clue to Diagnosing Parkinsonís Disease May Lie Just Beneath the Skin

NINDS Sponsors Parkinsonís Meeting to Identify Challenges and Define Research Priorities

UCLA and Emory Researchers Find a Chemical Signature for 'Fast' Form of Parkinsonís

Gene-Silencing Study Finds New Targets for Parkinson's Disease

Genetic Mutation Increases Risk of Parkinson's Disease from Pesticides

MRI Interventions' ClearPoint System Facilitates Asleep DBS Surgery at San Francisco VA Medical Center for Veterans with Parkinson's Disease

University of Alabama Scientists Discover a New Molecule That Could Prevent Parkinson's Disease From Spreading

App for Smart Glasses is Being Developed to Improve Gait

Study identifies possible biomarker for Parkinson's disease

Study of Hi-Tech Brain Implant to Stop Parkinson's Growth

'First-in-man' Implant of Regenerative Cell Therapy in Parkinson's Disease

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