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Poem by Maryum "May May" Ali Read at the 20th Parkinson's Unity Walk


By May May Ali

Over 30 years ago, my father's voice was a little louder than a whisper, and we thought it resulted from boxing.

I have ‎a friend who had aches in his back. He thought it came from playing hockey.

Unbeknownst to both of these men, their journeys had already begun.

As years pasted, they were diagnosed with the disease, Parkinson.

Like forks in the road their journeys were filled with choices that must be taken.

And the roads that were traveled greatly impacted the outcomes of their situations.

There's a path of inactivity, isolation, submission, and defeat.

Another path is paved with proactivity, defiance, and a refusal to be beat.

Like all of you right here and now about to walk together in Unity.

Or like someone with PD exercising regularly and engaging in their community.

Yes the journey is not easy, but your outlook doesn't have to be doom and blue.

You can choose to manage your journey or allow it to manage you.

Your life with PD is still special, so partake in what grows your smile.

Meanwhile as we support a cure for PD, may your journey be filled with determination, continued hope, and style.